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About JSAF


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The Japan Study Abroad Foundation (JSAF) focuses on non-degree study abroad programs and university placement.

References for the Japan Study Abroad Foundation are available upon request.


【Mission Statement】

JSAF’s mission is to provide a broad range of high quality education abroad opportunities for Japanese students. We strongly believe that these study abroad experiences enhance student’s international awareness, build the skills they need to succeed in their local societies as well as in the international community, and develop their potential to become future global leaders. JSAF is dedicated to expanding the field of study abroad globally and to increasing access to these opportunities for students who have not traditionally enjoyed the benefits of study abroad.


【JSAF provides extraordinary support for students】

JSAF is responsible for recruitment and screening of students, advising, pre-departure orientation, language training, assistance with student visa procedures, travel and insurance assistance, application procedures, housing and meals, academic advising, and counseling. JSAF also provides 24-hour emergency contact while students are abroad. As a sponsoring organization, JSAF pays application fees, tuition and university fees, as well as room and board, if these fees are fixed. In addition, JSAF develops and maintains relationships with the hosting partner institutions.

JSAF Study Abroad Program Services:

Before departure
JSAF staff provides every student with the following services:
-Individual advising and counseling
-Application to host universities and ESL programs
-Arrangement of accommodation and airport pick-up or shuttle service
-Individual advising for TOEFL / IELTS preparation
-Academic English lessons
-Pre-departure Online English Training System (4-10 months)
-Pre-departure orientation and pre-departure English workshop
-Travel assistance
-Insurance application
-Phone call for final check one week before departure

While studying abroad
JSAF staff provides every student with the following services:
-Check-list of important things to do upon arrival
-Academic advising throughout the study abroad period
-24 hour emergency assistance in Japanese
-Contact every 2 weeks-Report to students’ home universities
-Correspondence to parents
-Useful information and event announcements such as information about the Career Forum in Boston (Oct-Nov) with feedback from past participants

After completing the program
JSAF staff provides every student with the following services:
-Send certificate for completion of the program
-Return “time capsule” letter
-Periodical newsletter from JSAF
-JSAF reunion party
-Career support seminars
-Extended educational programs such as Global internship, Master’s degree program, Volunteer Abroad program, and others

The host university makes the admission decisions and provides appropriate non-immigrant visa forms, tuition scholarships (if applicable), university information including admission requirements (GPA and minimum language requirement), student support services which the university currently offers to all international students, a guarantee of dormitory housing, and other services.

Through JSAF, participants choose to study abroad for a semester or the academic year. In general, JSAF has two main streams: one from April to March (which matches the Japanese academic calendar); and the other from August to May. If their English language proficiency level is not satisfactory, students study full-time in an intensive language program before taking academic courses.

-Options for students attending host universities on the semester system, depending on student’s language proficiency and schedule
• Spring + Summer language training
• Summer, Fall and Winter undergraduate sessions
• Summer language training + Fall and Winter undergraduate sessions

– Options for students attending host universities on the quarter system, depending on student’s language proficiency and schedule
• Fall, Winter and Spring undergraduate sessions
• Fall language training + Winter and Spring undergraduate sessions
• Fall and Winter undergraduate sessions
• Winter and Spring undergraduate sessions


【JSAF memberships】


【Contact Information】

Japan Study Abroad Foundation (JSAF)
Mitsui Seimei Bldg. 1F, 1-4-15, Takadanobaba, Shinjuku-ku Tokyo 169-0075 JAPAN
e-mail: info@jsaf.e-disk.org
Tel: (81) (0)3-5287-2941
Fax: (81) (0)3-5287-2943
Access map to JSAF (Tokyo central)


5-1-1-701 Fukushima, Fukushima-ku, Osaka, Osaka 553-0003 JAPAN

Access map to JSAF (Osaka)